Drunken Update and Drunken Development

As I am running out of money to live and keep up websites, it’s seems like getting drunk everyday helps me forget all that.

On top of all that, I am so drunk off my mind while trying to develop our new site, SiteHoppin.com.

The reason? Well, you need to be able to be in the same mind frame as someone who’d be using the site and the site is all about having a beer in your hand while you go “site hoppin'”. So the developer needs to be highly drunk before trying to put content, which means I gotta get drunk out of my mind before I start editing any PHP code for the site.
This does remind me of the “drunken style” Kong Fu, which focuses on the fact that you confuse your enemy through your drunkenness…

On the bright side, SiteHoppin is the first site in the world ever to convert a MediaWiki into a social networking site. (by a professional drunk who can gulp down 3 Soju bottles in any day…)

Anyways, this is an honest drunken update and development update while gulping down a nice bottle of Soju. If you don’t know what Soju is, you should take a look at my Soju tree. Well, my Soju tree has grown a lot bigger now, I will post an update soon about it.

We did get the new “Tag Browing” function working but too lazy to update the site as it’s still the 3rd of January. We should have it up by tomorrow so you can “tag browse” blogs and save time.

Thanks to Mike from Bloggin-Ads for helping us send a buzz out on the internet. His blog is growing very quickly and already has 377 RSS readers in just couple months!

Thanks everyone, and remember to “hop some sites” if you have a beer in your hand or want to just mess around…

Okay, go check out SiteHoppin.com today and make sure to sign up for an account and upload your hideous Jpeg photo so everyone can see it.

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  1. Mike Huang says:

    You’re very welcome Max, you deserve all the help 🙂


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