Our new site SiteHoppin’ and KnolProject.Net

You’ve been wondering why there were so few posts on Zedomax.com over the last 3 weeks, we have been working around the clock, through Christmas Eve and New Years to bring you brand new sites.

While they are in heavy development, you can check out our “live” progresses.

You are welcome to register for a username and play around with it until we get our new “tag browsing” function implemented and bunch of other stuff being added on.

You can check our .Net post for more details.

If you want to invest in the new SiteHoppin.com, shoot us an e-mail at zedomax [at] gmail.com. We are looking for some VC funding for this new big project.  Basically, you will get pre-paid advertising for your investment.  Although this idea is not fully cemented yet, you will be added to our priority list of investors to be alerted when the opportunity knocks.

On another bright 2008 New Years 4:30AM note, we are developing the domain name we bought, KnolProject.Net, to build a community of open source developers dedicated to making new “paid wiki” or “social networking wiki” sites using MediaWiki. Google’s new Knol Project is a great site but we will show you how to make something similar from scratch using MediaWiki and your imaginations and keyboard.

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