Server UP and DOWN due to DoS attacks from hackers!

Wow, it’s been almost 5 days without sleeping trying to fight hackers coming to this site. But, we always welcome hackers as we will work that much harder to keep them out. Basically, we are trying to build a super server on a “budget” of $1000/month. We will be adding more memory tomorrow to see if it will stop the hackers.

In the meanwhile, if this ever goes down again, please feel free to call me at 415-871-8295 and I will get it up. (Or SMS Max: “Your server is down!”)

Special Thanks to guys working in technical support team at Cari.Net. I talk to one nice gentlemen, Birnie. I even offered him some free pages on the QuarterWiki and the One Buck Wiki.

P.S. This site is not going down without a fight! 🙂

One Response to Server UP and DOWN due to DoS attacks from hackers!

  1. Why should you think of this site going down at all? With or without a fight? Is there something about hackers visiting you with some ulterior motive that we do not know about? Perhaps a post will be a welcome change!

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