Google’s Knol Project Update – Lots of BUZZ on the Internet

Wow, it seems like search results for “Knol Project” is multiplying at the rate of every hour! It’s amazing how no one has really even tried this new Knol Project yet, there’s so much buzz going around the internet. We think Knol Project will be basically Google’s new knowledge database that will add nicely to their portfolio of search knowledge database.

Although we predict that Knol Project will never be close to Wikipeidia’s mass collaboration of information, Google’s new Knul Project could prove to be pivotal in providing useful information from authoratative sources such as real doctors and real professionals who practice their content, instead of having random people contributing to articles like Wikipedia.

We predict that their search results will still honor Wikipedia’s authority as long as Knol’s content isn’t any better. But if Knol proves otherwise, Wikipedia could be on its way to slow and tortourous death. (We doubt that though…)

In our efforts to keep up with Google’s latest Wiki project, we’ve got all the great news about the Knol Project in one post here:

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