EntreCard WINS – EntreCard beats BlogRush in Alexa Reach, Rankings, and Traffic!

UPDATE, don’t use Entrecard, they are backstabbing type of people.

Entrecard and Blogrush both have customer service problems.  Blogrush died already and Entrecard will too soon. 🙂

Lately, I’ve been keeping a keen eye on my friend Graham Langdon, creator of Million Dollar Wiki. He has created a new site called EntreCard that allows bloggers to advertise for free on other blogger’s blogs. Basically, bloggers can trade 125×125 pixel ad spots.

Today, I got up and looked up on Alexa and found that EntreCard has finally beaten BlogRush in the numbers of Reach, Rankings, AND TRAFFIC!

As an evangelist user of EntreCard, I was really happy like I just snorted a line of cok* of something. (not that i do drugs….)

Here’s the wrap up:

EntreCard beats BlogRush in Alexa Reach, Rankings, and Traffic!

As you can see, what EntreCard is doing is taking over BlogRush and its customers. It’s going to be a horrible slow death for BlogRush but who knows? Maybe they will get enough bad publicity out it and come back alive by copying EntreCard’s ideas.

EntreCard beats BlogRush in Alexa Reach, Rankings, and Traffic!2

Here we look at the Daily traffic Rank Trend for BlogRush vs. EntreCard. EntreCard clearly beats BlogRush and they are STILL on their way up whereas BlogRush is again, dying slowly.

EntreCard beats BlogRush in Alexa Reach, Rankings, and Traffic!3

The last graph shows Page Views for EntreCard vs. BlogRush. As you can see here, the problem with BlogRush is that once you put their widget, there is no other community groups or actions you can do whereas EntreCard is a vibrant blogger community where bloggers are actively trading invisible business cards.

Our prediction from last time is becoming more true and true.

This is the letter from John Reese that really pissed me off and I stopped using BlogRush:

We’ll be applying some quality guidelines and criteria to our
decision-making process. (We’ll be publishing these guidelines very
soon.) If a blog does not meet our guidelines and criteria, THEY
WILL BE REJECTED from the network and not allowed to join — i.e.
they won’t be able to serve our widget, refer other users, or have
their blog posts distributed across our network. They will have no
access to any BlogRush services.

Our members, like YOU, made it LOUD AND CLEAR to us… BlogRush needs
to only have members that have quality blog content — not blogs
filled primarily with ads and other spammy looking JUNK.

The only accurate way we’re going to keep these junk blogs out of our
network is to REVIEW EVERY SINGLE ONE BY HAND. And we’re willing to
do it to protect the integrity of our network. I don’t care what it
costs us to hire more people (if we need them) to review 100% of any
blog trying to join our network. We will be reviewing ALL OF THEM
from here on out.

Here’s what I say, “Take your stupid hype and your hype traffic and put it up your as*!”.

I don’t need the founder of a website telling me their technology sucks so much that they have to review every blog by hand (Is that like Web 0.5?). With a stupid founder like that, BlogRush will never succeed.

What BlogRush should have done:

BlogRush should have hired 3 PHP developers and tell them to develop a spider hack that checks for the language of the site and validity by checking values like Alexa rankings, Technorati rankings, etc…etc… Heck, I can even do this but I don’t have to send out a freaking 10 page email wasting everyone’s time.

Why are we so bitter? Don’t take it too seriously. (Remember our motto? Satiric opinions on Gadgets and Tech…Lol…)

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  1. Wow! Strong words from a source that I always thought to be gentle and humorous. The point is very valid and I hope that something useful comes out of this.

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