QuarterWiki – Pages are being sold like Hotcakes!

I just wanted to give our readers heads up the latest buzz from Zedomax.Net. Our new QuarterWiki has been selling pages like hotcakes after a review on John Chow dot com. It seems that bad publicity has actually helped us sell more pages. 400 pages sold within last 10 hours. Get your pages before all the good ones for your niche get taken!Here’s a little description of what it is for those of you new to this:

The Quarter Wiki is a new paid online encyclopedia where you can buy your own page for just a quarter.

Unlike Wikipedia, you can add videos, RSS Feeds, Google Ads, and GoogleMaps to a page on the QuarterWiki.

More simply, QuarterWiki filters spam by charging a small fee for each page so you don’t have to deal with it.

To get started with QuarterWiki, sign up for an account and search for your desired words you’d like to purchase.

Don’t want to buy a page but want to help us? Join the discussion on John Chow dot com and leave a comment for us! 🙂

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