Blog Monetization – Still using Text Link Ads for selling your Links?

I’ve been getting into monetizing blogs lately and wrote a little article on selling text link ads on your blogs. Check it out and you can take control over the money you make on your blog and increase your profits!

You’ve probably seen bunch of sites that you can sign up for to sell text link ads on your site. I’ve personally tried Although I have made money through their system, I probably only made $200 a month at the most. The problem with these sites is that they take 50% of your sales! That’s a lot of money to give away if you ask me. Plus, they only sell on monthly basis, so you are not guaranteed a steady income.

The solution? Sell you text link ads on your blog as “lifetime” links or get your advertisers to commit to at least one year. That way, you get a large sum of money beforehand. Even if you sell one text link for $1000, you are better off putting that cash in your bank and not worrying about it rather than having to check every month how much you are making.

In other words, SELL your text link ads on your blog. Have a link to a simple explanation how advertisers can buy text link ads on your site. This keeps your life simpler since you only have to place the link once. Set it and forget it.

Here’s a guideline for selling links on your blog:

1. Offer any text links for $20 to $25 a pop. That’s very low for industrial average but you set it and forget it.

2. Offer “site-wide” text links for $1000 a pop. This site-wide link would be placed either on your sidebar or your footer. By offering a permanent links, you offer the advertiser a feature above all the other text link ad sites.

With this method, I’ve made more money within a week than all the money I made through I am not trying to bag on their policies but with the recent penalizations by Google, the best way to sell your links is to sell them directly to your customers and gain 100% profit.

Take control of your blog and monetize those text links that many many SEO companies are after. If you make money, make sure to ping this post by writing about it.

To sum up, think of how much money you can make if you sold 100 lifetime links for $1000. That’s $100,000 in your pocket and you can re-invest that money into advertising for your blog so you get more traffic and raise your PageRanking.

Don’t become a slave to one of those Text Link Ad companies that rip your money. (50%!!! Fu*k that. I will just sell my own links.) TAKE CONTROL of your blog today and MAKE MONEY ONLINE selling direct to your customers, readers, whatever.

P.S. I apologize for those text link ad companies, but I am telling the truth and you guys are selling text links off innocent bloggers who don’t know better.

Think about it? A text link ad company sells YOUR LINKS, not theirs. All they are did is setup a system to make 50% off your links. YES, again, YOUR LINKS!

via Zedomax.Biz

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