HOWTO Make Money Online like the Shoemaker!

Here’s a little story I made up tonight while talking to my girlfriend on how to find your niche market online:

Long time ago, before they had electricity in the Wild Wild West, there were cowboys and shoemakers. Cowboys killed bad guys and the Shoemakers made the best customized shoes in the whole Wild Wild West, which includes California, Nevada, Arizona, and couple other really dry states.

The cowboys only wanted shoes from this one shoemaker who practiced out of Dallas, Texas. He’s fame wasn’t grown by himself, it had been growing ever since his ancient relatives had immigrated to America from Amsterdam. He’s name was Jeremy, often dubbed as “the ShoeMaker”. They made these leather custom shoes with special iron inserts that’d protect you from anything, even bullets.

Here’s how he did it:

Every shoemaker in the country could make these customized bullt-proof shoe makes, but it was never any shoemakers’ speciality. Meaning, Jeremy the ShoeMaker was the best at the customized shoes, specially made for high pressure cowboy-style gun fights. He’s also the 3rd generation of previous Shoe making legends such as his Father, John ShoeMaker and his grandfather, Darren ShoeMaker. Soon, the general public caught on the the buzz of word-of-mouth marketing and started buying ShoeMaker’s shoes in a frenzy. Soon, the type of shoes became to be known as the “Shoemaker Shoes“. Although these shoes were copied and replicated by other shrewd shoemakers over and over, the legacy of the Shoemakers became known everywhere. The Shoemakers built a brand that could last 100 decades through word of mouth. Their sales? Incredibly explosive, exponential, equal to 9 figure numbers today.

The lesson in this story for our lifetime:

Jeremy ShoeMaker has dominated the market simply by having no competition. He sought out a blue ocean, not a bloody competitive red ocean where you are fightin’ for every dime. Once they had the market to monopolize, they used their specialty to promote themselves forever and ever.

HOWTO do it online:

Find a niche market no one is blogging, e-mailing, wiki-ing, facebooking, or myspacing about.

Make sure it’s something everyone else can copy but you will always be ahead.

Promote it with word-of-mouth like crazy. Network crazy with your fellow bloggers and make new ideas into new monetizable websites.

P.S. None of the names actually were meant to be associated with any real bloggers like Jeremy Shoemaker, John Chow, and Darren Rowse.
We didn’t mean to that is…lol…

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