Why BlogRush will die and EntreCard will exponentially grow!

Update: Don’t use Entrecard, they are not to be trusted.

Here’s a quick post I did on the Net: (Digg It) Reason for this? I feel bitter about BlogRush about them saying crap about how people are cheating and on top it, I like this Graham Langdon guy, he’s a nice guy and a gentlemen.

I have been keeping a keen eye on the new project by creator of Million Dollar Wiki, Graham Langdon. His new EntreCard, a free widget for bloggers, allows bloggers to advertise and trade 125×125 pixel ads for free. The above is a Alexa web traffic charts comparing BlogRush and EntreCard. As you can see, BlogRush did get MASSIVE traffic in the beginning and slowly on its way downhill. On the other hand, EntreCard started very very SLOW, and seems to have caught up with BlogRush already. Once EntreCard gets out to even more bloggers, the viral effect will cause EntreCard to exponentially grow. Am I an EntreCard evangelist? Hell yes, because it’s a great advertising system built on great functionalities unlike BlogRush.

Why BlogRush will die and EntreCard will exponentially grow!3

Now, you can see a close-up of what’s been happening between EntreCard and BlogRush in the last 4 weeks. I bet it won’t be more than 2 weeks before EntreCard eclipses BlogRush. What will happen to BlogRush? It will probably die and suffer massively while EntreCard “converts” BlogRush users to its own.

Our card is the one with One Buck Wiki and EntreWiki so, drop us a card!

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