Scooting about on a Stand-up Trike

Scooting about on a Stand-up Trike

Wow, check out this nifty Stand-Up Trike, tight! Will they send us a sample? (We will give it out as a prize if they do.)

Stephan Soder came up with the idea as a way to pull himself along while wearing rollerblades. He built the first one in his garage with a small petrol motor.

The commercial version is called the Easyglider X6 which riders can use with a skateboard or roller-blades or stand on a two-wheeled rear platform.

It features an electric-powered front wheel, a handbrake, a headlight, and three power levels. Optional extras include a music system, complete with a pair of mini speakers.

To use the Easyglider, you simply turn it on, stand on the platform and twist the throttle.

But the price may prove too much for some. It sells at £699, with a kids’ version available for £399.

via Keetsa

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