DIY – HOW TO add your business to Google Maps!

DIY - HOW TO add your business to Google Maps!

Do you have a business? Whether you have a Mattress Store or other goods and services to sell, you can list yourself on Google Maps. What does this do for you?

Basically, everytime someone searches for a Business on GoogleMaps, you are likely to pop up first if you are near by that location. This could be very good for free advertising since a lot of people have been using Google Maps on their phones to navigate through today’s traffic and find places fast.

Personally, I use a Blackberry 8830 that comes with GPS so I can use Google Maps and press 0, which takes me to my current location. A lot of times, I search for banks or restaurants nearby while I am driving. I’ve saved so much time with this nifty phone and GoogleMaps. But you CAN get your business listed. It’s very simple.

Think about how many people use Google Maps everyday on their GPS enabled phones to find businesses or restaurants. If you are not listed, you are probably missing out on at least 1,000 impressions a day for free advertising through GoogleMaps.

Here’s the directions on how to get yourself listed: (Follow the link and then follow the directions)

Add your business as a Local Business on GoogleMaps

Yes, it’s as simple as entering your business information and verifying it with an automated phone call from Google. If this post helped you, make sure to check out the new Quarter Wiki and the EntreWiki.

Here’s our business listed on Google Maps if you type, “Zedomax” on Google Maps: (Now I tell my friends to type “zedomax” on their phone to find my apartment)

DIY - HOW TO add your business to Google Maps!

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