Google SketchUp for Dummies book!

Google SketchUp for Dummies book!

Google SketchUp for Dummies book!2

Google SketchUp for Dummies book!3

OOhh.. check out this Google SketchUp for Dummies book. It might be the perfect free 3D tool you were looking for last month.

Remember when your high school English teacher explained that every word in the sentences you write needs to carry some meaning? While the rest of us missed that point, Aidan Chopra was paying attention. Google Sketchup for Dummies is a tightly written, fun to read book that gives a lot of byte for your buck. Aidan Chopra works at Google as the product evangelist for Google SketchUp and he’s the editor of the monthly SketchUpdate email newsletter. He knows SketchUp inside and out and uses plain English to show you the ropes.

Google SketchUp is a 3D drawing program that defies easy description. It’s fun, playful and at the same time very powerful.

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