Naked News


Check out this funny new news called, Naked News. I was watching the demo and got too into it…

A Toronto news program, Naked News, has millions of viewers each day via internet and pay-per-view television. I read somewhere that it is not illegal in Canada to walk around in the nude and I guess that’s why the girls jump onto the streets and start taking off pieces of clothing until fully naked. Naked News even admits that sex sells news like it sells anything else, and that its approach is logical next step in this sort of trend.

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3 Responses to Naked News

  1. Tell me honestly, would you be able to listen to the news if she was anchoring the show? I would not be able to.

  2. I guess i wouldnt be watching but not actually listening if she were the news anchor.

  3. max says:

    I think I’d watch news all the time if real news was like this.

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