GNGWC2007 at Seoul on December 1st!

GNGWC2007 at Seoul

Yey, the World online gamers’ festival, GNGWC2007(Game and Game World Championship 2007) will be held at COEX-Pacific hall on Dec. 1st in Seoul, Korea.
You can watch streaming videos on the GNGWC site. I wonder what games they are going to play. (Probably StarCraft, well, I’d only watch it if it’s Starcraft…)

They are competing for $54 grand, which isn’t too bad of a prize for the winner. (But I hear these Pro-gamers get at least $100 grand per year just for competing!)

Make sure to not miss a thing by watching the streaming video starting in couple days!

Followed by last year event, more than 90 selected players at preliminary matches from Korea, US, Europe, S.E. Asia, and Japan region will be gathering at GNGWC2007 Grand Final and compete intensively for total reward of 54,000(USD).

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    You disappoint me with that photograph. Where are the girls?

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