Coolermaster COSMOS – Spacey Design – ATX Case Review

Coolermaster COSMOS - Spacey Design - ATX Case Review

Wow, check out this new awesome lookin’ Coolmaster COSMOS SPACEY Design ATX CASE! I’d love to have a sample, will they send us a sample? (This line does work by the way, we’ve gotten so many cool samples from various different companies…yey! DragonLasers is sending us their latest laser soon for review also….)

Weighing in at close to 17kg, empty, this is not a case you’ll haul around to LAN parties throughout the country, however you can be sure that what you install inside will be kept safe and cool. The Cosmos comes with 4x 120mm installed at different locations in the case.

You can install up to 7x 3.5” devices if you use the extra 5.25”>3.5” bay, otherwise the number is still an impressive 6 internal HDD bays. There are 5x 5.25” bays to fit a variety of CD/DVD and other 5.25” devices.

The case is large enough to fit ATX, a format used for most enthusiast motherboards on the market, but also Extended ATX boards, which makes this case a candidate for a high end workstation, where dual socket motherboards take up more room.

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  1. The Cooler Master says:

    I went for the Cosmos S with the touch-panel. I know it is a little more expensive but tbh, imho it was well worth the extra.

    The touch panel is a good posing tool…lol. The next step for me is 2x 120mm rad in the top for the Danger Den watercooling kit i have ordered. I can’t wait, like a kid with a new toy…lol. Who said that? I’m not sad…. 8-(

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