EntreWiki – A new place for Entrepreneurs to advertise Money Making Business Ideas


Yey, we are about to launch EntreWiki, a new place for entrepreneurs to advertise their Money Making Business Ideas. Although we are still working on some functionalities of the website, you can go check it out. Basically, we are selling Advertisement pages to businesses that want to sell their franchise, money making machines, money making plans, or anything that helps those businesses.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. Basically, you send EntreWiki your Advertisement creative in a Photoshop PSD or JPEG format and the EntreWiki team converts your Ad into Wiki markup language. What does this do for you? Instead of simply pasting a large image file, we convert it into image pieces and links to your websites, making it SEO friendly and you get a 915 x 715 pixel page. (Compare that to the MillionDollarHomepage! (Thats 915 x 715 = 654225 pixels = $654,225 on the MillionDollarHomepage)

If you have a money making blog, this could be helpful too as we are trying to build the largest database in the world for making money online too. (evil…yes we are…)

Basically we are trying to build the biggest online source for Money Making Business Ideas by filling a wiki site with Money Making Business Idea ads.
At $100, it’s pretty cheap compared to a National Magazine Advertisement. You get 15 years of guaranteed advertising plus the benefits of Search Engine Optimization as the site grows. I remember advertising in MakeZine before and cost the company I worked for $2000 for a half page advertisement for 1 issue. Compare that to a $100 advertising space that will stay around for awhile.

Okay, enough selling, if you have one of those money making businesses or you have similar business, you should go buy an advertisement page. (You see, the sooner you get on board, the more traffic you will get simply because everyone who comes afterwards will see it.)

We did okay by selling almost 1500 pages on One Buck Wiki so I think these pages might not go as fast but they will eventually go crazy.  We also plan to advertise the site on magazines like Entrepreneur so…reserve your Ads today and help Zedomax stay alive! (Press Release is going out next week so it might be a good idea to get it today!) (was that enough selling?)
P.S. Yes, I dropped my bike today and I wasn’t even driving the thing… crap… at least I didn’t drop myself…

4 Responses to EntreWiki – A new place for Entrepreneurs to advertise Money Making Business Ideas

  1. Having your advert cut into small images and given multiple links to your site is quite cool. But would you not want to inform the world of the kind of unique visitors you would be getting and the future plans. You advertise on few mags and get a number of hits on your site. Your site would be filled with a number of ads. What after that. Why would i want to post my ad among a huge cluster of ads. And how are the visitors going to increase after that?

  2. max says:

    Ah, great question.

    We’d promote each business ad through the blog and search engine optimization. As the site popularity grows, the site’s page rank will grow and those keywords will start ranking higher on the first page, further bringing more traffic.

    We’d also reinvest all money back into online/offline advertising. We have a voting feature where the best ads get voted to the top. That way, people can find the best business ideas and also leave reviews and more…

    The unique visitors would start at about 40,000 a month and eventually grow to 4 million per month or 40 million or even more… that’d be worth way more than $100 you’ve invested and ads would go for a lot more then.

  3. Interesting plans. But about the PR thing, you have just seen a Google update that has brought down so so so many websites down from their high PR. They have targeted the sites for selling and buying links, more so for the sites that sell links. And then with so many out going links, either the site would leak Pr or google would simply not index those pages. I have check many sites how have PR on multiple pages but their link exchange pages dont have any PR.

  4. max says:

    Check out the new video, it might help you understand the concept better. The plan relies on offline advertising as well as online so it might work.

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