Cigarette Machine uses Face-Recognition Software to detect adults!

Cigarette Machine uses Face-Recognition Software

Wow…. that’s kinda cool if it works without hackers like me hacking it…

The vending machine has an “adult recognition” button, and when this is pressed a tiny camera takes a photo of the customer and analyzes certain features such as wrinkles and sagging around the eyes and mouth as well as the frame of the potential buyer’s body to determine a general age.

In a test with 500 people ranging in age from their teens to their 60s, this software was able to identify adults with 90% accuracy.

Distinguishing teenagers from twenty-somethings is more difficult. So when the software cannot make a judgment call, the customer needs to insert a license to prove their age. If the machine can make a match with the license photo, it will sell cigarettes.

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  1. Thank heavens. As a smoker, reformed, I can appreciate the efforts being made to curb the habit from being formed in young years. I got hooked when I was 14 and am still struggling!

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