Solar Fan Cap/Baseball Hat

Solar Fan Cap/Baseball Hat

Here’s a nice invention if you live in a very hot city. We dare to make one yourself.

This baseball hat has a solar panel on top and DC motorized fan on the front with a nice ventilation hole cut in the bill. Very handy for a summer day or also useful for walks through well lit bakeries if you want the full aromatic experience.

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5 Responses to Solar Fan Cap/Baseball Hat

  1. solarium says:

    hehe, kinda dorky – but if i drove a tractor in the outback i would use it! :=)

  2. HiFi Guy says:

    It could be cool to use it while working on the computer this summer :p

  3. girrrrrrr2 says:

    …why not take off the fan and plug in your ipod…for recharges…

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