O2 iPhone Video Review!



Yey, it seems like the O2 iPhone is available in UK now. Let’s take a look…

So, what’s it like? Well, apart from the o2-engraved box, the UK iPhone is, externally, identical to the US version, which we reviewed back in August. The biggest modification is on the inside and is something that will have nerdgeeks sprinting to online forums in a message-posting furore. We can reveal that the UK iPhone is, in fact, installed with firmware version 1.1.2. Oh, how we wanted to post picture proof last week but would have run the risk of Steve Jobs personally removing our knackers. As well as more keyboard character sets, the updated firmware will have addressed security issues and minor bugs: Great for news overall stability, but it is likely to cause yet another uproar in Apple’s loyal fanbase, as Apple is sure to have closed up the security loopholes (such as the TIFF exploit) which allowed people to hack the iPhone to run their own software.

via TechEBlog

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