DIY HACK – HOWTO convert an Arduino into AVR chip programming hardware for use with AVRDude

Randall converted an Arduino into AVR chip programming hardware for use with AVRDude

Into AVR chip programming? Check out how you can convert an Arduino into an AVR chip programming hardware for use with AVRDude!

By the way, AVR is microcontrollers from Atmel. Check out AVRFreaks for good AVR info.

(Thanks David for the tip! 🙂 )

I ported the Atmel AVR910 In System Programmer protocol to the Arduino. Now I can write programs to my ATtiny2313 and tiny13 chips. The Arduino sketch is available for download here. It works with the AVRDude programming software. This article will show how to use the Arduino to upload a program to the tiny13. The first step is to download the zip, extract the .pde file, then load it into the Arduino IDE, and write it to the Arduino. Next we can hook up the tiny13 chip.

The original AVR910 programmer didn’t support the tiny13 chip. I added tiny13 support to the Arduino version and assigned it part ID 1. I had to modify the avrdude.conf file also. I just added the following line

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