DIY – Chopstick invention!


Ever feel the need to use chopsticks in front of your asian friends? Here’s a great invention that will help you get the hang of chopsticks.

via wtfzup

4 Responses to DIY – Chopstick invention!

  1. Studio Equipment says:

    Amazing! The simplicity of the idea blows one away. Sure to be a winner. In fact, can well be a DIY project using springs from clothesline clips!

  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    these can make good gifts for people who have problems holding small things…

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  4. Alan Carriveau says:

    Just wrap a piece of wire around the back portion of two chopsticks held together and open the two sticks placing a toothpick or similar object between the two sticks creating a long “V”. This will result in a pair of chopsticks with as large a “gap” as needed and by holding the sticks like a pencil the open end can be pushed together by thumb and finger, capturing the food with adjustable strength (which a spring can not do)!

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