OneBuckWiki sells over 1000 pages in 2 weeks since its Launch!

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Hi All,

Here’s a shameless promotion for our new sites:

As you well know, we have been creating lots and lots of cool and sometimes funky websites but OneBuckWiki might be the site we have hit on somethin’.

We’ve sold over 1000 pages within 2 weeks since its launch! Anyways, you can still get a deal for pages. If you want a free page, let me know at zedomax [at]

We want to hook up our readers with some free pages since we’ve got inifinite inventory.

You can also check out our other creation FiveDollarWiki too.

One of our new sites we built for fun, OneBuckWiki, has sold over 1000 web pages within 2 weeks since its launch on October 12th. The great phenomenon seems to rise from the fact that pages can be bought for only one dollar. Many eBay users have been buying up pages in a frenzy, with some users buying 100 pages at a time.

Pages are now worth $10 each and sold for $10 each and people seem to be still interested as prices of the pages go up to another $10 when we have sold 2000 pages.

In the meanwhile, you can grab $5 pages at FiveDollarWiki, which will go for $50 once we have sold 1000 pages.


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