Contest – Win $500 worth of wiki pages at

We are having a contest for our newest site, Basically, you have to submit more URLs than anyone else to Zedomax.Biz, which is a social network about making money online. Looks like John Chow is in the lead…again at 81! I’ve seen him sneaking on this new site to see if there’s any new users but the thing we realize with social networks is that it grows slow. But we’ve had some success one of our older niche social networking site, Wagg.It. Wagg It is basically like Digg except there wway less traffic and way less users in comparison. BUT it gives you free PR4 links when you submit something, which is a killer free deal for SEO marketers out there.

Also check out our shopping social network,, which means “cheap” in Hawaiian, does have nothing to do with making porn….duh! read the letters carefull!

So, if you want to get hooked up with $500 worth of wiki pages you can sell down the road on e-bay for $1000, submit your money making blog posts here.


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  1. Appfunds says:

    I think I`ll send mine in Polish ! LOL !

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