Cross MP3

Cross MP3

Faithful? Get the Cross MP3.

Make no mistake, this isn’t the first time a religious symbol has been integrated into a digital audio player, but unlike the iBelieve, this thing is actually, you know, real. Destined to be sold in bulk quantities to youth groups everywhere, the Cross MP3 Player is hardly designed by coincidence, and comes with 4GB of internal memory, a two-color LCD, built-in speaker, FM tuner, integrated mic, seven equalizer modes and a multi-language menu for those overseas mission trips. Fightin’ the good fight will only cost you $48.14, but you can whittle that down even more by purchasing these things by the hundreds.

[via] cnet

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It’s always around Halloween when people broadcast about cross MP3s….

4 Responses to Cross MP3

  1. i want – that black MP3-cros is so totally AWESOME!!

  2. It looks very attractive and elegant. It is sure to make young people wanting to make a statement buy it. Its capacity is also very attractive.

  3. Smooooth.. its almost a shame to put in the headphones plug into that beauty. The black cross was very beautiful!

  4. BRittney says:

    Where can I get one? They’re soo neat looking and I think my pastor would get a kick out of it :p plus the price on the top one is reasonable if its for real…

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