Electric band aids

Eletric band aids

Eletric band aids

Electric band aids are becoming the thing of the future…

There’s a new generation of bandages coming that accelerates healing using electric fields. One of those concepts is called HealFast which is specifically design for diabetic patients. Diabetics often experience chronic ulcers and pressure sores so a new bandage had to be designed to address those issues. HealFast can be applied with just one hand. Place the pad on the wound, press down and peel off the surrounding paper guard. This activates an electric charge that generates a very weak energy field. This field prevents infection in the surrounding tissues so the body can concentrate on sealing it.

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  1. Studio Equipment says:

    Wow! This can indeed be a boon to care givers to diabetics. How soon will these be in the market?

  2. SEO guide says:

    would one of those really work on my headace? :D:

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