10 FREE $1 Pages at OneBuckWiki.com!

The all new Zedomax Network’s One Buck Wiki is giving out 10 FREE pages to any blogger who writes about it. It doesn’t have to be positive. We want honest feedback only. The content must be at least 200 words about the One Buck Wiki.

(Up to the first five commentors on this post while supplies last until 1000 pages are sold)
The first five commentators to this post will get it.

Comment and get a free investment for One Buck Wiki today!

5 Responses to 10 FREE $1 Pages at OneBuckWiki.com!

  1. eugene says:

    sounds cool

  2. max says:

    Oh yeah, do you want to shoot an email to me so I can hook up guys up?

    zedomax [at] gmail.com

  3. Yup. I am the Last five commenter here. Could I get free pages from you? and I will try to make a review to your onebuckwiki.com



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