DIY HACK – HOWTO make your GIANT Blue LED Alarm Clock!

DIY HACK - HOWTO make your GIANT Blue LED Alarm Clock!

Check out this cool GIANT Blue LED Alarm Clock you can make!

I started by buying the LEDs and the alarm clocks.
I cut the tops off of the LEDs and filed them so that they would be diffused. (pic)
Using a home made blade I cut out the segments after marking them out with a stencil. (pic 1, pic 2, pic 3)
A piece of copper pipe to cut out the circles. (pic)
Then marked out where to put the LEDs. (pic 1, pic 2)
I bent the leads and glued the LEDs down. (pic)
Soldered wires from the LEDs to the alarm clock circuit board. (pic 1, pic 2)
I had to spray paint the styrofoam black because the light was leaking from one segment to another. (pic 1, pic 2)
With my home made blade I cut out two layers of grocery bag and two layers of translucent film, the kind used for rapping easter baskets. (pic 1, pic 2)
Here you can see the wires going out to the buttons in the back, the alarm on/off switch, battery backup clip, piezo element, transformer and circuit board. (pic)
More crappy pics:

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  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    … thise are some huge leds… i want a bunch and i will make a sign that looks like a bomb(led with wires coming from the top…) and turn them into throwies…lol… i will need some huge magnets…

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