Contest – Top commentators this month will get 3 free pages on the FiveDollarWiki

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Hey, we are giving out 3 free pages EACH for the top 3 commentators this month. This is a good opportunity to get some freebies for your website or blog.

We’ve sold 11 pages in 2 days! Check out the FiveDollarWiki and reserve your spot in history today!

17 Responses to Contest – Top commentators this month will get 3 free pages on the FiveDollarWiki

  1. motor cars says:

    good idea to promote traffice for this site and FiveDollarWiki.

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  3. Contest Beat says:

    Hi there

    I blogged about your contest on Contest Beat here –

    All we do is write about contests in the blogosphere so hopefully we can send you a few more entries too!

    Regards, Matt.

  4. Don’t forget to post your blog contest information at let more people know it.

  5. Thats a great site . I think i should make one πŸ˜€

  6. Hm, I think that FiveDollarWiki has a good chance of success. It’s a great idea that could develop into a big thing. I only have one thing to say: Where are the benefits of buying a page for 5$? Tell them to me ( and other potential users ) loud and clear. The benefits should be clear and visible so we know what we get. Just my 2 cents…

  7. max says:

    Well, the real benefit is that you don’t have to own your own webpage. If you start from scratch and try to build your own webpage, it will at least cost you $100 per year for server and you have to somehow design it. Now, if you did that, you’d have to also figure out how to bring traffic to your site.

    By buying a page for only $5, you get free viral marketing, no need for web hosting, and potentially sell your keyword page for thousand times more when the website gets bigger and loaded with content.

    Well, that’s the simple idea but we are working on more ideas right now for another new site too. πŸ™‚

  8. max says:

    Oh yeah, definitely. I forgot to add you to blogroll last time but I just did! πŸ™‚

  9. max says:

    Hey thanks for postin’ our stuff Matt!

  10. Genesis says:

    I love the idea of a $5 Wiki! After all the more expensive ones, this is the perfect idea. Even if I donΒ΄t win, I will certainly be checking it out. πŸ˜€

  11. Swift says:

    Old concept, just cheaper. Anyways cool that you’re having a contest to promote your site. Contests are always great ways to drive traffic in.

  12. Erz says:

    Love the idea of selling key words sites! Imagine the number of words you can come up with – anything under the sun – if this gets off the ground, it could really be lucrative not just for the owners of the idea but also for those that purchase the $5 pages – what a small investment for a whole lot of possibilities – smashing idea I would say!

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  14. Tim says:

    It’s an easy contest! I just joined πŸ™‚

    –blog for dream–

  15. max says:

    Yup, easy contest! Thanks for joinin’~

  16. BONTB says:

    That’s a good number of sales !!!

  17. max says:

    thanks for the tip πŸ˜€ I joined too

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