ZAP cars – electric cars of the future?

ZAP cars - electric cars of the future?

Check out some of these wacky ZAP cars that run on battery. Really cool lookin’

Xebra Xero’s do not attempt to behave like other vehicles. They are unique. They are quiet, yet agile. Imagine a world filled with silent Xebra Xero’s instead of noisy internal combustion engines. The ZAP Xebra Xero is the offspring of more than three decades of thought and evolution. This vehicle was created as a breed by itself. Because the use and purpose of electric vehicles are different than gas cars, the wheel did indeed need to be reinvented. No Tailpipe, just plug it in! Even after counting emissions from electric generating plants, Xebra Xero’s produce 98% fewer pollutants than gas cars. It’s Electric! Laugh at high oil prices, in fact, forget about gas stations, oil spills, and fumes – forever! A Xebra Xero’s appetite is meager. And you can recharge it at any electrical outlet.

I think I read about these from Wired magazine…

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  1. I strongly believe that in the next decade or so, we would all be driving either two cars, one for local use, electric and the other a two system vehicle, electric and/or fuel from bio degradable material like alcohol. The latter for long distance running. Alternatively, there may well turn out to be recharge stations along highways that will charge your batteries at high speeds. I believe research is already being done to produce batteries and charging technologies to provide that kind of facilities.

  2. max says:

    You know that’s why I prefer my motorcycle over any cars.

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