Wii DIY HACK – Using your Wiimote to measure your car’s acceleration!

Wiimote Jetta

Although this is an awesome Wii hack using GlovePie and the Wiimote, you could probably do this a lot easier using a simple 3-axis accelerometer and a microcontroller.

I got this idea after seeing some physics class use the wiimote in some kinda pendulum experiment.

Why not use the wiimote’s built in 3-axis accelerometers to measue g-forces, acceleration and even calculate my own 0-60mph times!

So I did. I wrote a script to dump all the g-force readings from the wiimote to a comma separated value file, then did some post processing in MS Excel, and voila, I can see every bump, every curve, my acceleration and braking, and even calculated my current speed using high school physics (v=a*t)

I even convinced my coworker to take me out in his E46 M3 to measure his SMG’s performance

I admit, it’s not super accurate since the wiimote spits out G readings rounded to two decimal places. It also provides other acceleration readings in finer granularity, but I couldn’t figure out what metric it was recording in. I used Gs since I knew it was just the acceleration of gravity (9.8 m/s/s)

[via] vwvortex

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  1. Carl Linford says:

    I am after a g-meter nice a basic, digital read out x,y. For use in a car as a modification to a permanant fixture to the dash

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