The New Five Dollar Wiki! – Do you have five on it?

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Here’s the latest creation from Zedomax.Net, The Five Dollar Wiki! (Well, it’s really a idea that’s developed on a nice idea.)

Basically, you get to own a page on the wiki for life(or at least 15 years). If the site does well in the future then your page gets boosted by Google rankings and get lots of traffic. That’s the idea but we are still workin’ on some tweeks…

If you like the logo, please say so~ 🙂 (I copied it off Business 2.0 Magazine buttons…)

Also do check out my $100 investment at the MillionDollarWiki for keyword, “hacks“. I don’t know why I bought it but I think maybe it’s because I just got a $100 rebate from Sprint.

Get your major keywords before they run out and help support the growth of!

Own a page and enjoy the benefits:

* Share traffic generated by the entire community, and by our advertising dollars.
* Secure all the long-term SEO benefits of a keyword on an increasingly popular and well-indexed site.
* Raise awareness of your website, product, or service.
* Make a unique investment for 33 cents per year:

$5 divided by 15 years min. site life = $0.33 per year.

* Join a resourceful community of motivated entrepreneurs.
* Receive storage space on our server for your page’s content.
* Earn a profit from owning a page by selling products, services, or advertisements
* Re-sell your page later down the road
* Great customer support

P.S. I just quit my job and this was the only thing I could think of using my last five dollars. Hopefully, it will take off. (unlike the other sites we’ve made before…)

2 Responses to The New Five Dollar Wiki! – Do you have five on it?

  1. I like the logo. From one unemployed statistic to another, here is wishing you all the very best in your new avatar as a net entrepreneur.

  2. max says:

    Haha, LOL… thanks for the wishes… As a new net entrepreneur, I just gotta keep workin’ 24/7 until somethin’ takes off but I am glad I choose this path. I’ve learned so much in trying to stay alive it’s great!

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