Hydrogen Powered Toys


Wow, check out these cool car toys that can run on hydrogen!

Most people are focusing on what stuff they can resort to as alternatives towards supposed environmentally, toy have not been given much attention with regards to what eco-friendly products may be considered in lieu of the other toys manufactured simply to serve its purpose of providing joy and leisure to kids today.

Hydrogen power is one of the upcoming alternative sources of energy and this video is a sneak preview of what alternative toys and product we may see in the market and soon purchase for our young ones.

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5 Responses to Hydrogen Powered Toys

  1. HiFi Guy says:

    I don’t thing it’s a good idea to use hydrogen in toys, that can be dangerous

  2. I suppose that sufficient precautions have been taken to ensure that the toy is safe for children. Hydrogen powered cars for adults, for the future have been talked about for decades as a cleaner alternative. May be these, will lay the foundation for successful launch of the versions for grownups!

  3. max says:

    Hmm…yes i will be on the lookout for one of these Hydrogen powered cars for adults.

  4. max says:

    Is Hydrogen really that dangerous?

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