PIC Microcontroller Touch Keypad

PIC Microcontroller Touch Keypad

Need a touch Keypad instead of the traditional 4×4 keypads? This might be the way to go.

The actual data from the touch sensors is quite erratic and requires some software processing. Basically you create a pulse for each of the ports and read the data with the instruction following the pulse signlal rise. Then read the ports the same way looking for a gap of 0.1 seconds with no data detected. This does the ‘debounce’. This results in fairly clean data capture from the sensors.

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3 Responses to PIC Microcontroller Touch Keypad

  1. nok says:


    i interests PIC Microcontroller Touch Keypad project.
    please send me sechematic and source code.
    large thancks

  2. Xpider G says:

    Please sent me the info on this it would be perfect for a keypad ignition concept for my motorcycle.

  3. Cristian says:

    Hello! I would appreciate if possible in my e-mail the scheme and some tips to run my project with touch screen tecnology. thanks

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