Electrobike Pi – Hybrid Electric Bike

Electrobike Pi - Hybrid Electric Bike

At $7500, I’d probably get a real bike like a Suzuki GSX-R600 but this hybrid electric bike is cool since you can charge it within about 2-3 hours and goes upto 46mph. I wouldn’t want to go that fast in a bike like this though…

This blindingly red transporter “combines the lightweight portability of a bicycle with speed and self-propulsion more akin to a motorcycle,” as it includes a 36-volt pack of NiMH batteries that provides “about one horsepower” to the 58-pound device. The unit can be fully charged “from any standard household outlet in 2.5 to 3 hours and can run for 25 to 30 miles,” and according to a report from the LA Times, the 20mph maximum stock speed can be increased to around 46mph “with a little after-market hot rodding.” Granted, the base price on this thing is said to be around $7,500, so it looks like the most of us will have to stick with the trusty Huffy ten-speed for the time being.

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  1. Just a slight clarification. Is there a manual pedalling system to come to one’s rescue in case one runs out of juice and needs to reach a plug to recharge? The price is quite stiff and when you consider that there are many other cheaper electric two wheelers, what is the USP for this?

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  3. ELMO says:

    I just heard a report on the radio that either there was going to be a very high tax or a ban completely on electric scooters and bicycles. I got so damn mad I thought my head was going to break open. The reason for the ban was because of studies showing that the batteries on these vehicles were too volatile and were prone to explosions.

    I think they are initially going to say there is a ban when there really isn’t one, so that the tax on them won’t seem so bad.

    Anyway, I wrote an article on the story on my blog at http://www.electricbikesnscooters.com

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