DIY HACK – HOWTO Build your own LED Coffee Table!

DIY HACK - HOWTO Build your own LED Coffee Table!


DIY HACK - HOWTO Build your own LED Coffee Table!2

Wow, this has to be one of the coolest coffee tables you can own. You can get the kit at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories for about $350 or $450. You can even purchase a completed version if you are just not circuits-savvy.

Since we first showed these off, we have had a lot of inquiries about how you can make your own table like this. Today we are announcing the availability of some (very large) electronic soldering kits so that you indeed can make your own.

Our kits include the giant printed circuit boards, components, instructions, regulated power supply, and all other parts needed to build the electronic portion of the table tops. Constructed, you end up with what essentially amounts to a single extra-ginormous circuit board that can sit underneath the clear or frosted glass (or plastic) top of your own table.



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  2. sofiaa says:

    […]Excellent writeup – I’ll have to try this next time I need to make a run of boards, even though etching it myself is more
    then sufficient right now.

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