Bulletproof Backpack

Bulletproof Backpack

If you live in the hood, you might need this just in case someone tries to shoot you in the back. This is the reality of some of the metropolitan cities in America so this IS a good invention. That’d be cool if there was one for your chest too…

With the bunch of crazy folks running around these days wielding guns, I wouldn’t mind having one of these BackpackShields covering my back. Constructed from 13 layers of K-29 Kevlar, this thin, lightweight plate will be able to fit in most backpacks and is effective in stopping bullets ranging from the humble 9mm all the way to the powerful .44 Magnum. Good thing it doesn’t deflect bullets as that could result in collateral damage. The BackpackShield targets college students, high school students, concerned parents, and commuters, retailing for $249 each. You can choose from 10 assorted colors or even customize it with any JPEG of your choice.

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4 Responses to Bulletproof Backpack

  1. Did it really come to this? Bulletproof vests/backpacks for kids sound like a bad SF movie…

  2. srilyk says:

    Huh. I bet my math book would do the same thing 😉

  3. max says:

    Haha…you are probably right!

  4. max says:

    haha…yes we do live in a world where anyone can buy a gun. Maybe if we change laws like some other countries we probably won’t need these…

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