Batteries powered using p…

Here’s some batteries you can power with some human p… You can even use it 3-5 times to re-fuel your batteries!

Batteries powered using p…

This is tight, too bad it’s only available in Japan. I’d get one next time I head over there!

In February we talked about a Pee Powered battery that was in the testing phase in Japan. Now it would seem they have made it to the store for the Japanese to buy and use.

NoPoPo (Non-Pollution Power) Aqua Batteries are available in both AA and AAA form, although the company page shows they are producing the technology for all sizes of battery, and can only be currently purchased in Japan.

via weirdasiannews

3 Responses to Batteries powered using p…

  1. Prognog says:

    You need to get a set of these and give them a shot, Max. Let us know if they work or not, ya know…

  2. max says:

    Hey, I just sent them an email to see if I can distribute them in the USA or at least get couple of these samples. Cross your fingers!!!

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