HULK Green Laser Video and more FREE Green Lasers!


HULK Green Laser Video!

As you can notice, we have added a new category to our blog, Green Laser, due to overwhelming responses for Green Lasers.

Anyways, here’s the latest HULK Green Laser Video, sent to me by Frank at (Thanks Frank!)

You can check out HULK Green Lasers, they are pretty serious…

Anyways, I am thinking about selling green lasers for…maybe I should ask them…(We can be the sole US dealer! haha…)

DragonLasers is having a contest for a green laser (again…) at their site. Check out the details:

Dear customer,

Dragonlasers is having a laser videos and photos competition this month. The best video and the best photo will each receive a 5mW Viper laser pointer as the prize.

To enter into this competition, all you need to do is email your best videos and/or photos (as many as you like) to me here at Dragonlasers using my email address The closing date to email me your videos/photos is the 25th of October.

The videos and photos will be judged at the end of the month and I will then send the two lucky winners their 5mW Vipers.

The only condition of this competition is that the laser in your video/photo is from Dragonlasers, and that Dragonlasers can use your videos/photos on our website and for promotional purposes.



P.S. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about this competition

P.S. I am about to get another 95mW green laser!  Should I give it out?  But 3 of my friends are like “whining” to me whenever I show them the 125mW Green Laser Frank sent me… uh oh…. I know you guys are going to start commenting?!?

4 Responses to HULK Green Laser Video and more FREE Green Lasers!

  1. Hoto says:

    this looks like darth vader is out of control. lol but this pointer seems to me very strong.

  2. I may be dumb, but quite what will I do with this laser?

  3. max says:

    Well, you can make some cool laser shows when your friends come over… for one… arrrr…

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