YADU to unveil humidifier with air purification function


This one caught my eye… YaDu!!!

Anyway, it’s a simple humidifier w/ air purification basically like the title says. It’s like a SharperImage air purifier except it cleans with water too using the humidifier. Kinda cool concept if it worked exactly what we think it means.


Wow, lots of control buttons…



BEIJING, China (AVING Special Report on ‘CHITEC 2007’) — <Visual News> YADU presented a humidifier (model: 252C) combined with air purifying function during China Beijing international expo 2007.

via aving home appliances

3 Responses to YADU to unveil humidifier with air purification function

  1. Studio Equipment says:

    This appears to be far superior to the currently available humidifiers particularly in the Gulf area. Some assessment of its capabilities and operating ability at high dry temperatures would help.

  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    cool… but they need to make a de humidifyer for teh places with a ton of humidity…

  3. max says:

    oh yeah that’s true, de-humidifier would be somethin’

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