Check out the details of this bad-ass little ride with electric power. I am going to see if I can get one for a monthly contest here… (or maybe 2, one for me too!)

Anyways, these are tight ass little rides you can commute to work without having a big bulky bike or car to park at an overpriced parking lot.

If you want one of these for free, leave a COMMENT! (Will they send us 2 of these? One for me and one for one of our readers?)  (thanks Linda, for the tip from Keetsa!)

The 2000XR is engineered with specially tuned springs which give the motorboard a silky smooth ride, without sacrificing performance by using inflatable tires. Our tuned springs work in several modes to smooth out bumps as well as rougher road surfaces. Perfect for gliding in any urban environment.

Our motors are custom made for this application. They’re not “standard, off-the-shelf” motors like others use. Our motors have been custom wound and optimized for torque and efficiency — and have surprising power too.

6061 Aluminum Alloy is used throughout. This alloy is stronger and stiffer than the typical “architectural” grades used by other manufacturers.

The 2000XR uses the world’s most advanced nanotechnology battery cells from A123 Systems. While creating the 2000XR, we tested hundreds of batteries from every major manufacturer on Earth, and nothing came close to the power and performance of these batteries. Not only are they incredibly powerful, but they are the safest lithium batteries on the market.

So what does that power mean for the Motorboard? Top speed is still limited to a (safe) 15MPH, but the hill climbing, torque, and range are greatly increased.

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2 Responses to Motorboard

  1. Jerome says:

    OH BOY!

    This seem really interesting! I was reading the 2000XR Technical Details and was dreaming of this cool machine!

    My bus stop is at 1,3km from my house, I walk aorund 10min to get there everyday. I was just thinking how this could be useful to get to the bus stop and fun to roll around university with that thing!!! 24km a hour is impressive! WOW! 😀

    They improve a lot on there design, it is well build! Very slick and elegant!

    I’ll keep dreaming!

    Thanks for the link!


  2. Pathfire says:

    I’ve always been a big fan of the Badsey family of electric scooters myself. With go-kart racing tires and a 1500 Watt motor…whoo, there’s some power there. The Badsey company got sold a number of years ago, but you can still find the design being put out by the new company.

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