ez-UCC coming soon…youtube coming to the future of GAMES

ez-UCC coming soon…youtube coming to the future of GAMES

Okay, I can’t figure out why online videos like Youtube, Metacafe, Blip.TV, et cetra are called UCC. I heard it once but forgot and cannot Google it. If anyone knows, please let me know.

Anyways, this ez-UCC will basically allow you to replay your online games without having to install a 300MB installation file.

Basically, they are throwing Youtube flash video strategy to online games. (This might speed up some 3D games using the flash video technology…)

I am just glad I live in a world where I can StumbleUpon some cool flash games sites such as the Hoverbot and Zelda. I mean, who would’ve thought that we’d be playing NES games online? Emulators are understandable…but as flash? That’s way too cool…

This will definitely change the gaming world as we know it since it will allow basically ANY game to be recorded in history, crawled by the search engines, and who know what it can be used for? (You could even use it to make animation movies.)

Check out CDNetworks homepage for more details.

CDNetworks announced that it has provided ez-UCC, the one-stop ASP service for UCC, to Gamengame site of Global Service Platform(GSP) in Korea IT Promotion Agency(KIPA).

By introducing ez-UCC to Gamengame site(www.gamengame.com), KIPA is able to eliminate having additional infrastructure, investment or development and therefore cost-effectively offer global UCC service to its users with simple coding.

With ez-UCC comprised of uploading, server-side encoding and progressive downloading capabilities and system infrastructure required for web publishing, Gamengame users can share and watch their own game-related video clips without installing additional programs.

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  2. lukas2k says:

    It’s UGC, and it means user generated content.

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