DIY HACK – How to create LED Lightfish!

How to create a lightfish

Wow, check out these LED Lightfish! Haha, we have a new word, “Lightfish“. (When will they put it on Merrium and Webster encyclopedia?…I mean dictionary.)

How to create a lightfish2

Yes, that’s a simple hack, an LED and a 3V 2230 Battery…and rubberband of course. :p

How to create a lightfish3

And this looks pretty cool once installed inside the water. Hmmm…then again, we need autonomous fish that can swim around too kinda like these Autonomous Light Vessels:


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2 Responses to DIY HACK – How to create LED Lightfish!

  1. Bidding Directory says:

    Wow nice tutorial! Thanks admin

  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    AWESOME!!! what cant throwies go in… and i wonder if you can make it so the led is only on when the fish is in the water… with out to much mods…

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