Ipod Touch Unboxed

Cool, check out this new iPod Touch, looks nice…

Ipod Touch Unboxed

Looks just like an iPhone to me…

Yeah, we know we’re running slightly behind on fooling around with a retail iPod touch, but we’ve finally got one here. You already saw our first impressions when we played with it at launch, but as the days have gone on, we’ve just become bewildered by a number of things, like: why does the screen look so different from the iPhone’s? (More on that later.) Why’d Apple switch back to the shiny, scratch-magnet rear casing? Why can you add contacts, but not calendar appointments to the touch? And what was their methodology in selecting apps to use on the touch and not on the iPhone? While we ponder these questions (and many more) check out the full unboxing and hands-on gallery. More to come.

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4 Responses to Ipod Touch Unboxed

  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    wow… it does look like an iphone… i wonder if hat same guy can unlock this to work with other programs like real player… and hack it to be able to play all videos… lol… that would be awesome…

  2. Apple iPhone says:

    Really looking good but any one tell me, Is this ipod work like as a PDA or how much internal memory this ipod have.

  3. Steevee says:

    iPod Touch Review They have a really cool unboxing video. You should check it out. DAmn I want one

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