DIY IR PaintRemover

DIY IR PaintRemover

DIY IR PaintRemover2

I just painted my new apartment with some orange, more orange, and lavender paint. Here’s a great way you can make a IR PaintRemover! (good find, Phillip!)

The new unit would be a departure from the old. This new unit would be based on a ceramic emitter rather than your grandfather’s quartz tubes of yesteryear. Why ceramic? One reason is that a ceramic unit would be easier to build with fewer parts. Commercial ceramic emitters are readily available. Efficiencies for ceramic emitters run from 85 to 96% whereas quartz ran around 60%. Therefore, a higher percentage of the energy supplied to the unit would be transmitted as infrared rather than light. Quartz rods tend to have infrared hotspots. Cermaic on the other hand, produces a more evenly distributed heat.

[via] oceanmanorhouse

3 Responses to DIY IR PaintRemover

  1. Prognog says:

    This looks like a good way to burn your house down…..I guess that would remove the paint.

  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    W007 W007 cancer!!!

  3. Martin says:

    Great tool,

    Is it hard to use?

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