Testing Twitter…: This post …

Testing Twitter…: This post is for testing a Twitter plugin… by the way you can see my secret ramblings on my twitter here.

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  1. Michael Samuel says:

    Does the plugin works properly??? If it does, can yo provide it to the public because I want to install it on my blog….Please answer and don’t ignore!

  2. max says:

    Hi Michael,

    Oh yeah, this plugin works great.

    I recommend the one by Alex King, which does everything you need.

  3. horisly says:

    Twitter is hot these days.
    however, do we have so much to taka part in so many SNS tools?

  4. HiFi Guy says:

    What is twitter ??

  5. max says:

    Twitter is a micro-blogging thingee. Check it out at http://twitter.com

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