YEY! 2 more new sites!

Well, I barely have enough time to skip over any of my sites but we are making some new ones!

The first one is called, “”. No, you don’t make porno, you make pono, actually, it means, “cheap”, when you say, “MaKePoNo”. Yes, my punctuation might be wrong from too many joints but one thing is correct, you got a new site called,

On the other hand, I’ve fallen victim to the Golf disease and had to make a new site called, “” In which we will talk about all the failures of Max as a pro-golfer, and the reason he’s still behind the internet, instead of behind a real golf course….

Anyways, thanks everyone for supportin’ Max, whom you know as Max, with all the great hats I suppose…

Anyways, check out our new sites and leave some comments if you really do care:


2 Responses to YEY! 2 more new sites!

  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    nice rhyme.. now i have to puke…

  2. Stephen says:

    And was just created as well, which I think has the slickest interface among golf sites yet. We’ll see…

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