Brian wins a Free Green Laser worth $200 and we have a Free UV Vacuum for next month’s contest

Everyone thank you for participating in this month’s Zedomax Free Laser Contest.  I am happy to inform you that Brian is our final winner.  Although he did make repetitive comments using some type of Macro software (I think), he made the most comments using whatever he needed to.  We are a hack site so don’t expect us to not praise hackers.

We will have some new banners coming soon for our new contest, you can win a UV Halo Vac next month.  The contest is:  You have to submit most products to our new shopping social site,  It’s a Pligg based social networking system we are using to start a shopping network.  Anyways, you can submit individual products if you own an e-store or you simply want to win a UV Vac worth $400!

My advice is to get started on submitting as many products on  This time, we will make the additional rules so people don’t get confused:

1. No viagra, xxx, or any spam products

2. No repetition of a product.

So get ready to win more stuff and kill germs with your new UV Vac!

You can get this also from Amazon for $399.99.

Win a Halo Vac

5 Responses to Brian wins a Free Green Laser worth $200 and we have a Free UV Vacuum for next month’s contest

  1. Izl says:

    actually at like 9pm the top commenters box was like reset, and at midnight i had 5 posts, so i win 😀

  2. Izl says:

    you said no rules afterall

  3. Izl says:

    If thats fair then so should this….you clearly said whoever has most posts by midnight, and I had a few by midnight, everyone else had 0. I was on, and I thought something had messed up, but when I posted, it said I have one post… so I win…

  4. Brian Gaut says:

    haha, sorry Izl… in an earlier post, he said 11:59 pm anyways.

    besides… i totally blew you out of the water 😉

    As soon as i saw that post that there were no rules and we could make repetative posts, i told myself “sweet! now i actually have a chance to get back in the game!”. So i opened notepad, and wrote a couple javascript files, and put them to work! 🙂

    If anybody is interested, I’ll share the source of what i made to submit all of those.

    And Max, Ill make some videos with my new green laser of what can be done to make a simple music laser show 🙂

  5. girrrrrrr2 says:

    hey brian i want a copy of that…

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