Samsung UMPC with WiMAX

Samsung UMPC with WiMAX

Samsung UMPC with WiMAX2

Samsung UMPC with WiMAX3

Samsung UMPC with WiMAX4

Like this new UMPC? Maybe not. But WiMAX (officially termed IEEE 802.16e) is a technology we won’t see in the US for another 3 to 5 years. Why? Because all the telephone networks companies are still making lots of money selling old technology. (Well, that’s the way it’s always here…)

Why am I fretting about this? Because companies like Samsung have been making this WiMAX gizmos for like last couple years and I don’t get to use one unless I goto Korea. I mean, iPhone are tight in the way the user interface is cool and all but let’s face it. If you do a cellphone test on ANY AT&T cellphone, you are going to be getting inconsistent 110K/bytes download while my Sprint Blackberry(piece of crap) get 400 to 500K/bytes consistently. (Don’t believe me? Try this site on your cellphone. Remember to refresh your browser to get correct results)

Well, that’s not the point, WiMAX is around 4M/bytes download, which is way faster than home DSL and almost as fast as cable. Now picture putting that in your little iPhone or a UMPC, you got a REAL mobile station you can work with at “real-time” speeds…

Okay, enough complaining, I think it’s a big scheme by mobile companies to make money anyways… (Hey, even if I worked for AT&T, I’d want to sell an over-priced, over-marketed iPhones for $500, not WiMAX enabled iPhones. That’d be coming in 2 years, when we made gazillions with the cheap stuff…)

I am just really tired of hearing my Korean buddies telling me how you CAN’T watch TV here in America, or why is the iPhone so slow… So if you think there’s a better reason, let me know. I will listen…

Samsung Electronics unveiled its compact UMPC ‘Deluxe MITs(model: SPH-P9200)’ at the Samsung 4G Forum 2007 in Korea market. As a successor model of SPH-P9000, it can connect to wireless internet and VoIP phone via Mobile WiMax. Running on Windows XP, the SPH-P9200 adopts 5-inch touch screen, folding QWERTY keyboard and 30GB HDD.

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5 Responses to Samsung UMPC with WiMAX

  1. Jerome says:

    That is pretty cool!

    The screen is small

  2. max says:

    yeah, we need these for sure…

  3. girrrrrrr2 says:

    lol… looks like a gameboy… kinda…

  4. Izl says:

    LOL window xp

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