iPhone HACK – iPhone Voice Recorder

iPhone HACK - iPhone Voice Recorder

Check out this cool home brewed iPhone Voice Recorder. Tight.

My iPhone broke. The screen just died a slow death, getting brighter and brighter and then very hot and then…nothing…over the course of a morning. With no phone to play with this morning, I did a lot of thinking and hunting through iPhone foundation files instead. And I seemed to find quite a lot of interesting calls in the Celestial framework, specifically the AVRecorder class.

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7 Responses to iPhone HACK – iPhone Voice Recorder

  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    ok personally tthis is the only thing i wanna see about iphones…

  2. Carl says:

    There is recording software out there (for free) that work on these PDA’s

  3. Brian Gaut says:

    the iphone doesnt even have a built in voice recorder?


  4. Raul says:

    I would not say this is a “hack” but a tip

  5. Carl says:

    Is that a question or a statement?

  6. Carl says:

    My last question was to Brian

  7. Izl says:

    Cant wait to see what other hacks they can think of

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