If you ever wanted to get serious with some LEDs, you can really play with this guy. He can mimic any songs, well, it’s not available yet… I bet Garrett from Comfile can hack one up real quick… He made that voice activated Christmas Tree, this doesn’t seem too different. It seems like the eyes and nose are random movements and the mouth simply syncs to the music depending on the frequency… Pretty simple actually…(Looks freakin’ nice on USB though…well…then again…Garrett probably just need to hook up his USB HID Portal…)

Enough ranting about some LED man we can’t buy yet, we will have to wait…

At least, it is BETTER than the aqua teen hunger force LED man… Cool… (or maybe those guys make new versions with this feature…this new LED man is way smarter for sure…)

SolidAlliance might be on to something with their USB Tengu, self talking USB gadget. At the size of a cigarette box this guy comes to life upon USB connection. The LEDs turn bright red into a friendly face, then reacts to music and sound – ideal for those looking for anonymity and in need of a front man (Jeffrey Skilling could have used this a couple years ago).
usb tengu

Not on sale yet – but will be in Japan mid August. Price tag – about $40USD. YouTube video below will make you laugh, worth the look – if you have IE6 click here.

via getusbINFO

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8 Responses to USB LED Man

  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    i would get one and use it to keep people company…

  2. Brian Gaut says:

    i would get one and hide it from company.


  3. Carl says:

    I would get 2,

    2 laptops one in each and get speaking software and voice recognition software see if they can talk to each other.

  4. Brian Gaut says:

    maybe it would be better if they synced and played the same animation at the same time…. but until then, bah

  5. Carl says:

    Think they are cute !

  6. girrrrrrr2 says:

    jabberwacky has a computer that can talk to you… and it is actually kinda fun… maybe you should try that…

  7. Carl says:

    Who is jabberwacky ?

  8. girrrrrrr2 says:

    it is a site…

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